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Pet Hospice & Rescue


Meet Our Nuggets of the Week       Jasper & Jewel!

Jasper & Jewel our nuggets of the week, for more details please email us at

Our rescue story was inspired by a little nugget named Paris who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in March 2015 and became our shining star over the rainbow bridge on June 23, 2016.


It was our goal to build a legacy in her name and save the lives of other pets who need love, supportive care, and a quality of life. 


Mission Statement


We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of homeless animals in need. This mission is served through the organization's primary activities of:


  • Rescuing or receiving abandoned, abused, and unwanted pets in need;
  • Providing veterinary, behavioral, and rehabilitative care to rescued pets prior to placement;
  • Ensuring that rescued animals are sterilized prior to adoption;
  • Placing rescued pets into caring permanent adoptive homes where they will be cherished family members for the duration of their lives;
  • Promoting the well-being, nature, and behavior of the rescued pets;
  • Providing hospice and end of life (supportive) care to rescued pets while they exhibit quality of life with a peaceful and dignified transition when the time comes.

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